So you booked your cruise and had a great time! Now you’d like to book another. Did you purchase a CruiseNext certificate on board? Why not?

Most Cruise Lines offer some promotion if you purchase a future cruise certificate on board. Norwegian sells CruiseNext certificates. These certificates are as good as cash. Generally you purchase one on board for $250 and can apply it towards a future cruise. Norwegian will then give you an on board credit during your current cruise as part of the promotion. Often people don’t purchase these because they have no need for additional on board credit, however this on board credit (along with any you already have) can be applied towards the purchase of the CruiseNext certificate itself. Traditionally you can only apply one CruiseNext certificate per cruise however Norwegian often has promotions that will allow you to use two. Currently Norwegian will allow you to apply two if you book a balcony or higher 6 months in advance.

Here’s what I do. I generally start with quite a bit of on board credit. I stack my promotions ($100 from being a share holder, $200 from AMEX platinum, $50-100 from travel agent, etc). I then purchase at least two CruiseNext certificates to maximize the free on board credit given back (you get $100 OBC if you purchase one, $250 if you purchase two). I’ll also purchase more if I know friends/family will be cruising shortly and I can transfer the certificates to them. So say I purchase two at $250 each. That’s $500 and I’m given $250 OBC. That $250 OBC is immediately subtracted and I’m only paying $250 for $500 in future cruises. My initial OBC then subtracts and I’m basically getting the future cruise credit for free! I’ll then book a new cruise where I can use two of these certificates and it instantly subtracts $500 off the price! I then rinse and repeat!

These certificates are valid for four years and can be transferred simply by calling NCL and providing them the senders and receivers information. If you enjoyed your cruise and think you’ll cruise again, why not buy a CruiseNext certificate? It’s a great way to spend your existing OBC.

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